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Bronze Tier [$2.00]

  • Access to all the pictures before public release [~2 months].

Silver Tier [$5.00]

  • Access to exclusive pictures or comics [1 – 4 pictures monthly].
  • Bronze Tier Rewards.

Gold Tier [$10.00]

  • Every month you can request an idea to be made into a picture [~1 picture].
  • Silver Tier Rewards.

Platinum Tier [$20.00]

  • Every month you can request an idea to be made into a short comic [~3 pages].
  • Gold Tier Rewards.

Bronze & Silver Tiers now have full access to both HD Pictures and RAW renders.
Gold & Platinum Tiers requests must be made with existing characters; props and costumes can be created according to the request.
All Tiers includes a Discord role and an invite to the server “The Rulebreaker Gang”.
Once your payment it’s accepted you must wait for a registration email from [maxximo[at]] to create your account, if you don’t receive it on the first try check the [Problems?] page at the bottom bar of the site.


After getting unfair treatment on the issue of content with my original membership site, and after testing alternatives websites for the same kind of mechanics. Also finding ones that are more open to the arts and others that are too politically spiced and hoarded with the same kind of SFW sanitization. So following the advice of my own supporters and friends, I have enabled my own site to act as the main membership platform from now on. Even in this early stage the site works almost 1:1 against the basic features used on those sites and gaining a lot more terms of security and content.

  • There is no more content issues. This site it’s 100% under my control.
  • No more unnecessary fees. All your support money goes directly to me, there is no more 3rd parties taking a piece for doing nothing.
  • More secure and friendly. You can now register membership directly using PayPal! Because of this I will not need to ask for your Credit/Debit Card info. You can even pay using a PayPal balance. So, your data is safe on PayPal. This means there is no information on the site that can be stolen, unlike on different sites.
  • No unfair billings. When you join, the day you join becomes your billing date, unlike other sites that force your bill date to the first of the month.

HOW DOES IT WORK uses Recurrent Payments instead of requesting your Credit Card info or linking your PayPal account to force payments. Recurrent Payment is the same system that the most secure and popular membership sites use such as Humble Bundle and Discord allowing a total control of the payment on the supporter’s side.




While the Recurrent Payments system is designed to give you all the control over the payments, you must also remember the responsibility is on you to remember your billing date as well as canceling other Recurrent Payments before you make any changes to your subscription. So if you make a renewal on an expired account, upgrade or downgrade to a different tier, or close your account, you must remember to terminate your previous Recurrent Payment with PayPal too to avoid extra payments.


By doing these I can guarantee you an even more safe and creative space for you as a member and me as a creator, in the short future more things will be added such as the return of comments and a better homepage until this is a truly Rulebreaker Experience…