Old Galleries 2007 – 2008

Back then when i join FA on december of 2008 I wasnt sure how long willit take until i got bored of the furry fandom, back then there was pretty much 3 big sites, a kinda quiet VCL Furry Art, YiffStar (actually SoFurry) and FurAffinity and I joined the noisiest one, but in that time I just upload the ‘best; of my works or at least those that I could scan on that time, here you can find very good ones, very bad ones and some very repetitive, but it was because of those works that im the artist that I’m right now.

1st Book

Front Side (B/W) is from mid 2007, any of these were never release since they’re from before I joned FA.

Back Side (Color) is from mid 2008, a few of here were released, at least the more creative ones.


2nd Book

Both sides are from mid 2007 to mid 2008, this is the in-between side A and B from the previous book