[3D] Showtime

New renders from Branko, this time on a bit of a ‘forced’ situation, and also showing his abilities on public.

New Render with props

I will be uploading tomorrow or weekend a new render of Branko, with 2 new props, or maybe 3, this is one of them.

Bones Bones and Bones

More bone works, now I can move Branko more soft and dont have to move or rotate all the bones, just the IK points. special […] Read More

[3D] Video Renders

DEMO 1 360° Render of Branko DEMO 2 Expressions DEMO 3 Mesh Deform DEMO 4 Physics Deform with IK bones

All Games Available

All my games are now available here on the site, on the side menu, on the Pages tab you just select one of the 3 […] Read More

Maxximo.cl is ONLINE

Finally, I had to wait until Tumblr got me kicked to finish this site. The only one that can kick me here is myself :3 […] Read More