Changes for the future [Patreon Content Issues]

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Hello, apologizes for the late post, but I have been preparing some stuff. As you may notice already my Patreon page was emptied and shut down for content issues, very hypocritical from Patreon knowing that just a few months ago I got my site checked twice and approved by a Patreon Staff.

I’m responsible for getting it empty, once it got suspended I decided to purge and clean the site to speed up the recovery process and by now I’m still waiting an ‘all OK’ signal to get back to re-open the support page.

Talking with a friend of mine that I will keep anonymous by request, we notice some details that were the reasons of the content problems on the site, and the new modifications for the future are planned on that.

  • No theme or kink will be avoided, if these people are trying to sanitize art then I will be the renaissance of it, content will be the same and better as before, considering this we will return to the 2018 style of teaser banners, no keywords and a very abstract teaser.
  • All the teasers will just link to my main site (aka Here), here there will be sorted and organized as usual (Patreon and any other site have no power here).
  • Since now, whatever happens to the account, I’m abandoning any visual relation to Patreon on my content, including colors, fonts and references on my works, including watermark.
  • I will open my business to other sites such as Ko-Fi and SubscribeStar using this same rules.

Teasers, Old & New

New teasers will not have any Patreon relation, and using colors and fonts for here, the thumbnail its a pixelated version of the picture under a recolor layer (same as above), no keywords and safe to publish.

Watermark, Old & New

Same rules, no more Patreon colors or references, site direct links and website name. Also there will be no more the top corner watermark, only the bottom bar.

While all of this get fixed I will keep posting here as usual, still a few places to fix, but I’m scheduling myself around the 20th to have all my new profiles fully configured and ready for a subscriber migration.


Of course with this, adaptation will come and to migrate to a new system we will have to change a lot of stuff on the rewards system to a very easy and clean system.

  • $2.00 TIER: Access to general pictures, HD and RAW renders.
  • $5.00 TIER: Access to exclusive pictures, HD and RAW renders, from 1 to 4 monthly.
  • $10.00 TIER: Can request an idea for a picture every month [1 picture].
  • $20.00 TIER: Can request a short comic every month [3 pages].

This system it’s easy to understand, clean and extremely precise, giving even more rewards to all the tiers and reducing all the noise and making the site compatible with any platform.

This changes are still on developing and I’m counting around the 20th to make them official site-wide.


Thanks a lot for everything, longwide support and keeping the roll with me even on this darkest times, lots of love and a ton of hugs.