Welcome to MAXXIMO | NSFW FURRY ART, a private gallery about Hardcore Furry art, 3D renders, comics and games made and develop by Maxximo.

On this site you will see routine uploads of my art pieces, most themed with Hardcore kinks such as BDSM and Medical Play, and sometimes Midcore and Softcore pieces of art as well. I have also developed small interactive games on such kinks, such as “The Treatments”.

I also have a growing list of digital characters created for the pieces of art on different sizes, styles and species.

I opened this gallery as a solution for the continuous issues with mainstream sites allowing Hardcore related content and allowing my followers to have a safer space for open minds on such content.

By offering a private gallery I hope to keep making this artwork without any forced barrier. At the same time allowing us to support these types of arts by funding the essential software to keep working and also helping me as an artist and administrator to keep the site working. With this updating of both the content and the system, it allows me to make the site better and add more content and characters to my craft.

To do these pieces of art I use a set of tools and software that allows me reach a high bar in terms of quality of art. For creating a character or props I use Blender 3D, an Open Source software for 3D modelling for which I’m a founder and had a minor part on the developing and bug-fixing for the official 2.80 release and to color the characters I use Substance Painter, a private software that allows me to paint the characters skin in a very realistic style similar to the layer system used by other paint software.

Finally for fixing small details and prepare the official pieces, I use Clip Studio Paint, a Japanese painting software tool that I use to over-paint small details and give the pieces better colors and sharpen details.

But to create these pieces of art, the tools are not everything. I have over 15 years doing different styles and similar themes, 12 of them under the Maxximo alias, though all this time I have worked on traditional art, digital painting, rotoscopy art and now 3D art, and outside the arts I have been active part of the BDSM culture for quite a while.

Even with all of this I cannot work alone. My supporters have a very important role here, by requesting, giving feedback and being active on our community, they help me to hold these pieces of art to a higher quality of standards both on contents and presentation. On the private site I will also be accountable for financial and administrative planning and so for developing planning into the site.

You can also check my public galleries for older works and my twitter account for updates on new content.